The Free Market Summit (FMS) is a location based, premier in-person project for us at Face of Liberty International with the aim of making sure that we clear the major reason why the ideas of free market has not been well entrenched in the minds of many Nigerians which is because it has not been taught. What we used to know as free market is what we picked from bias positions of the communist and socialist world which definitely gives a distorted version to what is now known as the free market. For the benefit of Free Market to be accepted and its practice appreciated, it became necessary for us as Face of Liberty International to begin to raise awareness for the reorientation of the peoples mind toward the subject matter.

P.S.: FMS is location-based because each state name will be added as prefix for the name e.g. Lagos Free Market Summit – which will be held in Lagos State.

We hope to be able to train a minimum of 1000 leaders and to make them ready by the end of the duration of this project (12 months) to become the spreader and evangelist of free market and a free society.

Latest From the Tour

Sequel to our 2022 successes which started with a vision of reaching 1000 Nigerians with the principles of the Free market and promotion of human dignity and reducing poverty while promoting prosperity alongside the feedback received, we have rethink the project which made us change the scope of moving the project from just a year project to become the “cornerstone project” for us at Face of Liberty.

Over the last year, we have made it known to our audience that all human beings have a special type of dignity which is the basis for (1) the obligation all of us have not to kill each other, (2) the obligation to take others well-being into account when we act, and (3) even the obligation to treat others as we would have them treat us, and indeed, that all human beings are equal in fundamental dignity.

We give reasons to oppose the position that only some human beings, because of their possession of certain characteristics in addition to their humanity (for example, an immediately exercisable capacity for self-consciousness, or for rational deliberation), have full moral worth.

What distinguishes human beings from other animals, what makes human beings persons rather than things, is their rational nature, and human beings are rational creatures by virtue of possessing natural capacities for conceptual thought, deliberation, and free choice, that is, the natural capacity to shape our own lives.

This is more reason we employ the slogan “Using individual creativity to improve humanity” because we believe that humanity can only get things done the right way when we respect each other and uphold the “Golden Rule”.

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