Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: 3-Day Orientation Program on Business Strategy and Development

Written by Damsy

From April 4th to 6th, 2024, the hall of Osamdo Hall in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, resonated with enthusiasm and empowerment as women entrepreneurs aged 18-35 gathered for a transformative event. Organized by the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) and Face of Liberty International, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, the 3-day orientation program aimed to equip women with essential knowledge and skills in business strategy and development.

Day 1: Setting the Foundation for Success

The program kicked off with an inspiring opening ceremony featuring remarks from Mr. Leonard Ogunweide, the CEO of Face of Liberty International, emphasizing the pivotal role of women in driving economic growth. Renowned expert Dr. Deen led the first day’s sessions, delving into the significance of strategic planning and development for women entrepreneurs. Through interactive discussions, participants gained insights into key principles such as business planning, growth strategies, and marketing management.

Day 2: Strategizing for Growth

Building upon the foundational knowledge from Day 1, Dr. Deen continued to guide participants through discussions on business model canvassing, competitive analysis, and strategic positioning. The day’s sessions focused on practical strategies for scaling up businesses, including marketing tactics, human resources management, and operational efficiency. Interactive sessions provided networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and idea exchange among participants.

Day 3: Recognition and Reflection

The final day of the program featured an award ceremony, recognizing participants for their punctuality and contributions. Top performers were awarded prizes for their detailed reviews of the program’s content. Dr. Deen emphasized the importance of continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning in the dynamic business landscape. Participants expressed gratitude to the organizers for the impactful program through a group shout-out.

The 3-day orientation program on business strategy and development for women entrepreneurs was a resounding success, leaving participants equipped with valuable insights and confidence to navigate the business world. By empowering women with knowledge and skills, the program contributes to economic empowerment, gender equality, and inclusive economic development in Nigeria.

As the echoes of empowerment linger in Osogbo, the ripple effects of this transformative program are poised to create a wave of change, driving sustainable business growth and prosperity for women across the country.