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The Free Market Summit Tour

The Free Market Summit (FMS) is a location based, premier in-person project for us at Face of Liberty International with the aim of making sure that we clear the major reason why the ideas of free market has not been well entrenched in the minds of many Nigerians which is because it has not been taught. What we used to know as free market is what we picked from bias positions of the communist and socialist world which definitely gives a distorted version to what is now known as the free market. For the benefit of Free Market to be accepted and its practice appreciated, it became necessary for us as Face of Liberty International to begin to raise awareness for the reorientation of the peoples mind toward the subject matter.

P.S.; FMS is location-based because each state name will be added as prefix for the name e.g. Lagos Free Market Summit – which will be held in Lagos State.

We hope to be able to train a minimum of 1000 leaders and to make them ready by the end of the duration of this project (12 months) to become the spreader and evangelist of free market and a free society.