Welcome to John Galt School, Nigeria

The John Galt School offers a comprehensive educational program designed for university students and individuals with a keen interest in acquiring a deep understanding of Objectivism philosophy. Over the course of a single semester, our program accommodates up to twenty-five participants, each poised to gain a fresh and enlightening perspective on the intricate dynamics of society, politics, and economics.

At John Galt School – Nigeria, we firmly believe that embracing philosophy is one of the most empowering endeavors for young minds seeking to excel in the realms of politics, culture, and economics. Our program is meticulously curated, featuring a rich blend of educational modules, engaging activities, and motivating incentives. These components collectively underscore the significance of philosophy in the lives of young individuals.

Our primary objective is to cultivate an appreciation for philosophy among students and encourage them to delve into the realm of modern philosophical thought, with a particular focus on Objectivism. The John Galt School stands as a beacon of enlightenment, inspiring a new generation of critical thinkers and advocates of this profound philosophical paradigm.