The name “MMEPE OBODO” comes from the Igbo language and its a two word coming together to form one. “MMEPE” means “Development” while “OBODO” means “Community”.

The project is focusing on empowering women in our local communities by arming them with requisite skills to help them get out of abject penury. It is noteworthy that many women of childbearing age and those who are already mothers have no skillsets’ whatsoever and they rely totally on their partner for all things (I know some husband don’t want their wives to work, I am not referring to those set right now). I am talking about those who have no restriction of working but they don’t know any means to make ends meet.

These are the set of individuals we want to equip with trainings on what they could start small and thereby become financially and economically free thereby moving away from abject poverty.

We are therefore calling on corporations, institutions, individuals, and philanthropists in our society to join us in making this project a success. We have in mind to train and empower Two Thousand and Twenty-Three Individuals in this year 2023.


We would not be giving the cash into beneficiaries hand rather, we will give them materials worth your donation to make the marketable and sellable product.

How will your Donation be used?

We have identified through our research and discussion with the trainers of the skillset that with Five Thousand Naira or Twelve Dollars (#5000/$12), the women can start a mini business that is scalable and profitable. 

Therefore, your generous donation will be used to provide the first start up grant for the underpriviledge women and girls who will be fortunate enough to cross our part in this campaign for 2023. 

The project is set out to train women on how to make Liquid Soap, Air Fresher, Toilet Wash, Plantain Chips, Perfume, Ankara Branded Materials and a host of others. Each location will have specific skill assigned to it in order of priority and need of the community. 

Your funds donated to us will be used to buy material needed to set up the beneficiaries of the program. The product they make by themselves during the practical session under a supervised setting will be their first product for them to start their ventures with. We would not be giving the cash into beneficiaries hand instead, we will give them the materials to make the marketable and sellable product.