On 22 August, 2022, Ms Victoria Jooda attended Osogbo Free Market Summit in Osun State. After the event, she marvelled at the training that she approached the organisers and invited FLI to her community to host a similar Summit.

In her feedback on the training, Ms Jooda said: “I had thought the program was for farmers, I mean for agricultural awareness whereby some organisations will provide incentives for farmers deducing from the word “Free Market” but on getting to the program I got to know it was more than that. What is the essence of incentives without knowledge?

“This knowledge can not be for just myself alone, I will make sure I bring the FLI team to my community for them to get this knowledge as well,” she concluded.

As promised, Ms. Victoria from the Osogbo Free Market Summit stayed true to her words. Few weeks later, she began the process for the FLI team to visit Ilobu. 

FLI finally held the Ilobu Free Market Summit on the 25th of October, focusing on the secondary school students in the community. Ms Jooda espoused the popular African teaching to inculcate morals in children from cradle before they become unteachable. 

In Ilobu, the Summit had the same message like the previous ones, but different categories of audience. For the benefit of the students, FLI added a training session on entrepreneurship. 

During the skill acquisition session, students learnt basics of Graphics Designing with Canva, how to do facial make-up to beautify people and how to tie different head ties. The students joined any session based on their interest.

“We were honoured to have over 150 students from seven different schools,” revealed Mr. Oguweide. “Our outstanding success was in partnership with groups like the Ilobu National Students’ Union, Adedhoney Makeovers, the Ilobu Microfinance Bank, and ultimately Miss Victoria Jooda who is now a team member at Face of Liberty International.”