Our Lead Strategist, Leonard Ogunweide has a Message for you.

“Dear Friends of Liberty,

It is a great opportunity to make an acquaintance of you.

By empowering young people through entrepreneurship, we believe individuals will prosper, homes would be better, society will be a safe place as problems are solved.

The wealth of nations rests with its human resource and a conducive atmosphere to unleash human potentials. Sadly, Africa’s case is indifferent: The vast majority of the world’s poor live in naturally resourceful continent.

In a continent filled with so much optimism and inspired by the numerous opportunities untapped, the complexities of today’s fate, slinked and tied by poverty demands a rescue. Injustice, tyranny, conflict, big size government continue to worsen the plight of the vulnerable.

Bad governance, corruption and unemployment deprive many of a good living whiles population growth without high level of prosperity, insecurity, famine and droughts consistently discomfort the weary and render families apart. We must lift this yoke.

Everyone needs to be free. It is important we move from an age of entitlement and focus on building an effective society. A society where no human is treated humane than the other. A society which embraces the free market principle, diversity, rule of law, peace and easy mobility. A society of equal opportunities and freedom for all. This is the building block of human development and it is time we do development differently.

I encourage you to join in our effort for a free market economy. This is one of the most vital assurance of freedom. This benefits not only the few factions who own business, but largely valuable to the many who do not own any property nor business yet.

We must have respect for the rule of law. Under this, I am confident no attempts could be made possible to deliberately frustrate the individual while on his or her own errands.

I believe that so far as we keep loving humanity, we keep hope alive and remain faithful stewards in uplifting humanity, I believe and hope that a continent we have always envisioned which was once under the shackles of slavery, will be a home to all freed men, women and children.

Africa must not be known for poverty but a prosperous hub where entrepreneurship thrives.”