“The journey to a thousand impacts begins with the first act of kindness”. For us at Face of Liberty International, the journey to reach 1000 Nigerians with the principle of free market and entrepreneurship begins with 2 individuals in mid-December 2021. This signaled the commencement of our cornerstone project dubbed The Free Market Project Tour.

"I thought at first the summit is a place I will come to hear about shares but on getting here, I get to understand in a better contest what economic freedom is"

At the flag-off of the project in Lagos,Nigeria in December 2021, Ms. Hadassah, one of the participants at the summit exclaimed, “I thought at first the summit is a place I will come to hear about shares but on getting here, I get to understand in a better contest what economic freedom is”. The discussion centered around the free market principle in its simplest terms, elements of economic freedom, and the fundamental role of government in the economy. She added, “This is an eye opener as this was never taught in all my days as a student in my school”.

Mr. Leonard Ogunweide, the Founder/CEO at Face of Liberty International recounted how the journey started with just two impacts. He said, “We put out the invitation for the summit and had a record number of applications. We had to sort the numbers we could accommodate and sent them a selection email to which they responded positively. But on the day of the event, we had 10 individuals in total out of which 8 of us were speakers and internal team members. It was a devastating experience especially when you had made provisions for 50 participants”.

Participants at the project flag-off in Lagos, Nigeria

When ask what the experience was like after the Lagos Summit, he said, “We moved from having two external participants in our first event to having 43 at the next summit in Kogi State, Nigeria, against all odds that surrounded the event day. One of our participants by the name of Damian said, “I have little to no understanding of what the free market principle and economic freedom entails before coming for this event. I am going back home fully loaded and ready to become an advocate of the principle.””

We had an amazing time with the new faces of liberty we met at Federal University, Oye Ekiti where we partnered with the National Association of Science Students FUOYE chapter. It was a great experience and a time to always remember.

Group picture with the participants at Ekiti Free Market Summit

In the month of June 2022, we ran our first Face of Liberty International Conference (FLICon2022) virtually with 6 international speakers and over 200 participants in attendance for the two days of the conference. Then I was invited to speak at the 2022 Liberty Camp organized by Action for Liberty & Economic Development in Entebbe Uganda where I had the opportunity to share the same stage with mentors and friends who have shaped my understanding of the free market and libertarianism as a whole and many others while speaking to an audience filled with thirst and hunger for knowledge.

Leonard Speaking at the 2022 Liberty Camp in Entebbe, Uganda

The project which set out to reach 25 states in Nigeria and train 1000 Nigerians on this fundamental principle which has proven over the years to be the only viable solution to economic instability came to a conclusion with a reach of 1800+ individuals in 8 states and 2 countries. 

This has made us revisit our scope for the project and see that this project needs to continue and it cannot be a one-year project which made us reach the conclusion that the free market project tour will become a yearly project until further notice. We have also set a new yardstick of success for the next two years which is to reach a minimum of Three thousand Individuals (3000) with the message of hope found in the Free market Principle and entrepreneurship.